Contractors who join the ASAP Bid Contractor Network will obtain the following benefits:

  • Get free professional advertising and marketing for your company.
  • Increased business exposure.
  • Obtain quality, detailed, and free leads from local and honest customers looking for work to be done at their property.
  • Obtain free online job applications from people seeking employment in your line of work.
  • Obtain shared leads through ASAP Bid when contractors are too busy to take on new customers. Instead of turning away customers if they are too busy, contractors can tell them to get a bid through ASAP Bid, so that other contractors in the network have the opportunity to help the customer with their needs right away. 
  • Contractors do not pay any fees for any referrals unless they sign a contract to do the project for the customer.
  • Receive instant credibility as customers know you successfully meet the 10 Contractor Qualifications of ASAP Bid
  • Feel confident that you and your business are associated with a network of contractors that have committed to becoming one of the best contractors in their area of expertise.
  • A portion of our profit will be proudly donated to various charities in need.

ASAP Bid is always looking for contractors that are honest, ethical, competent, and can meet our 10 Contractor Qualifications. If you are interested in becoming a part of ASAP Bid, please fill out the form on the contractor signup page.

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