Why waste your time searching for a contractor when ASAP Bid:

  • Saves you the time of searching for a contractor and pares you with the right contractor who can meet your project needs right away.
  • Provides pre-screened contractors who will get the job done right the first time and saves you from spending more money than necessary.
  • Provides easy access to quality contractors and is hassle free...with no obligations.
  • Ensures that all contractors meet our 10 Contractor Qualifications.
  • Ensures that all contractors sign an ASAP Bid  Code of Ethics Contract.
  • Conducts continued evaluation of all contractors through our Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • Provides 24/7 online access to contractor referrals.
  • Is always available to make sure you are completely satisfied with your contractor.
  • All customers receive a Contractor Profile Form, so you can examine the credentials before hiring them.
  • Provides local contractors who can be there for you if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Provides special offers & discounts from our contractors. [Check out our BLOG for special offers.] Coming Soon...
  • Will proudly donate a portion of its profit to various charities.  


Use ASAP Bid and feel confident that none of these things will happen to you.

I have heard of contractors who:

  • Have taken advantage of inexperienced and vulnerable customers by charging more than they should.
  • Have collected the deposit money upfront and did not return to finish the job.
  • Have not completed the project to the required standards, and the work is completely inadequate.
  • Are not registered with a business license, or carries the proper liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and or is not up to date.
  • Come and go and do not finish the job when they said they would.
  • Have left  the job site a complete mess, smoke on the property, and flick their cigarette butts all over the place.
  • Say they will be there, but do a "no call / no show," and leaves you wondering where they are, and if they will show up. They simply waste your time.
  • Have shown up to the job site hung over or reeking of marijuana. 


Benefit by using contractors that meet our 10 Contractor Qualifications.

The biggest question for the customer is how do you really know the contractor you hired is considered to be one of the best contractors in their area of expertise? Why even risk it? Use ASAP Bid and when a contractor shows up at your door, you can feel confident that they are in fact one of the best contractors in their trade. In order to guarantee that the contractors coming to work on your project are in fact considered the best, ASAP Bid requires the following...

  1. Registered business with a business license. 
  2. Has the appropriate liability insurance coverage.
  3. Has workers compensation insurance coverage.
  4. Has the appropriate trade qualifications and licenses.
  5. Checked with the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List for any complaints.
  6. Provides at least 3 good references of previous customers prior to acceptance.
  7. Bonded.
  8. Maintains high Customer Satisfaction Ratings by every customer who uses any contractor through ASAP Bid.
  9. Signs an  ASAP Bid Code of Ethics contract.
  10. Provides a warranty for the work, including the parameters of what the warranty actually covers.

If a contractor doesn't meet our 10 Contractor Qualifications, they are not considered a reputable contractor and will not be used by ASAP Bid.

In order for contractors to continue to be used by ASAP Bid, they must receive high ratings from our customers and pass our 10 Contractor Qualifications every year. All customers of ASAP Bid will have an opportunity to rate the quality of service provided by contractors they use. If a contractor does not receive favorable ratings from the customers they do work for, they will be removed from our network.


ASAP Bid is FREE for the customers to use.

ASAP Bid is paid a nominal fee by the contractor for the marketing, advertising, and referral services provided to the contractor. We use contractors and product suppliers on a regular basis and receive discounted rates as a result of the volume of business they do. Some General contractors will sub the work out and make up to 15% on the total job cost, which is passed on to the customer. With ASAP Bid you can be sure you're getting a great deal from an experienced contractor who is honest and fair.