What is ASAP BID?

ASAP Bid is a simple tool that connects customers with great contractors. Our goal is to connect customers with quality contractors for the benefit of both the customer and the contractor.

Why use ASAP Bid to find a contractor?

Of course you can find a contractor on your own. If you are lucky, you might find one of the good contractors out there. We have done the background checks for you to ensure the contractors showing up are the very best in their trade. Contractors that are dishonest will not subject themselves to our 10 Contractor Qualifications. 

How does it work?

When you fill out a bid request, we will review your submission and match you with a contractor suitable for your project. The contractors will contact you directly within 48 hours and schedule an appointment with you at your convenience. We will email you a Contractor Profile Form for the contractors attending to your project, which will outline their qualifications, Customer Satisfaction Survey, and other information about the contractors. The contractor will provide a bid for your project. You can either accept or reject the bid. You negotiate directly with the contractor and decide on the work to be done. Once the work is complete, you pay the contractor directly.

What can I expect?

Because the contractors meet our 10 qualifications and are continually rated for their service and quality of workmanship, you can trust them and feel comfortable with them on your property. ASAP Bid's success depends on satisfied customers referring our company to their family and friends for future business. Therefore, we have a vested interest in making sure each job is completed to your satisfaction.

What does it cost?

The service is free to the customer. If the customer enters into a contract with a contractor referred by ASAP Bid the customer pays the contractor once the project is completed. The contractor will pay ASAP Bid a nominal fee for the marketing, advertising, and referral.

What happens if your contractors doesn't contact me?

If for any reason the contractor doesn't contact you within 48 hours we ask that you email us to let us know. 

How can you guarantee that the contractors you refer will perform quality work?

ASAP Bid will do its best to ensure the contractor is honest and meets every one of our 10 qualifications. We cannot 100% guarantee the quality of the work of the contractors. We are not liable for any work performed on your property. For further details see the Disclaimer.

However, the contractors are aware that you are rating them for the work they do, and will want to obtain favorable ratings from you, so they will continue to receive referrals from us. They have a vested interest to make sure you are satisfied with the work they do, or they will not be used by ASAP Bid for any future projects.

What happens if I’m not happy with the work?

The contractor has a vested interest in completing the project to your satisfaction, or ASAP Bid will no longer use the contractor on any further projects. If you are not satisfied with the work the contractors have done on your property, we ask that you contact the contractor and explain your concerns. If the contractor does not complete the project to your satisfaction, we would appreciate you notifying ASAP Bid right way, so we can determine whether or not to use the contractor on future projects.  

How many contractors will contact me?

ASAP Bid will refer up to three contractors depending on your request, contractor availability, and the project type. 

How do you find and pre-screen contractors?

ASAP Bid actively seeks contractors who have been referred to us by their satisfied customers. Once they have been referred to us, we will contact them and invite them into our network. 

Am I obliged to hire a contractor that ASAP Bid refers to me?

No, you are not. You can choose whomever you would like. 

What if I change my mind and want to cancel the project?

If you decide to stop a project prior to its completion, you must work out an arrangement with the contractor who you signed a contract with. In most instances, you will be required to pay for the work done up to that point.